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GOTS authentication Women's Short Sleeve T -shirt

GOTS authentication Women's Short Sleeve T -shirt

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Women's White T -shirt
◆ GOTS authentication organic cotton 100 %
◆ GOT authentication (Global Organic Textile Standard)

◆ Gots certification is approved for the first time (once a year) by a third party (once a year).
◆ Gots certification is given a certificate and license number only to approved companies and factories.
◆ GOTS certification license number "217998"

● Gots is one of the most reliable certifications. At least 70 % is made of a certified organic natural fiber, all textiles can only be handled by companies with GOTS authentications on the processing factories, manufacturing factories, packaging, labeling, sales and distribution.
Textiles need to meet specific environmental standards (toxicity, wastewater, etc.) and social standards according to international labor agencies.
What kind of product will it be certified?・ ・ ・ All textiles (clothing, bedding, towels, and fibers)
What are this label standard?・ ・ ・ International organization: Gots is an international standard that works with organizations around the world.

● Hypoallergenic material.

● Use of single jersey fabric
Single jersey fabric is often used for sports T -shirts.
The material is very breathable and sweat cannot be trapped between clothes. 193GMS is not transparent. ● Hypoallergenic material.

● Characteristics of single jersey fabric
When you process a single jersey fabric, you can immediately see that one side of the dough is smoother than other aspects.
The material is soft and light and is very easy to drape. Single jersey fabric also has excellent breathability.

Size-s. M. L
S size: 5 to 7 size, please use it as a guide.
M size: No. 7 to 9 size as a guide.
L size: 9-11, please use it as a guide.
Men's S size is 2-3cm larger than Women's L size.
The shoulders are slightly thinner, the cuffs are narrow, so that the side is not visible as possible from other people.
The ribs of the collar are made smaller without having a presence and fits into the body.
The width of the body is also slightly thin.

Made in India.
Design by Japan.
Fabric inspection implementation (with inspection table)
Method inspection implementation (with inspection table)
Biodegradable package specification. (D2W authentication)
Ethical manufacturing (Ethical)
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