The origin of the name. 

From now on27-8A year ago, it was an event in an airplane to Paris for work.I brought several magazines and arrived at the seats on the aisle side.

After taking off, I read the magazine (Nikkei Trendy) that I brought in while flipping, and I noticed a page, and on the special page of the video writer Hiroyuki Nakano (I haven't filmed a movie yet). Hiroyuki's "Dee-lite"ofPVandMTVI was curiously read a special article on the opening of six sections nominated by the award. In the upper right of the special page, Mr. Nakano's face photo was reading a magazine while thinking, "Hoho ~! Nakano is like this!"

Something like I saw it somewhere ...? ? Hat? Where did you see ...! ? While thinking, "If ...", I slowly turned my body to the back of the seat to the back of the seat ... Looking at the seat next to me, I also read the magazine or something next door. There is ...! ! "Oh! It looks like Hiroyuki Nakano!" I thought, "I'm sure this person is definitely Nakano -san!", And it was weird to suddenly call out, and I was desperately looking for something in my head. The first conversation in my memory is, "The photo of this magazine is Mr. Nakano himself?" Excuse me! (I remember that I was able to respond friendly without having one disgusting face.) I was able to talk a little with Mr. Nakano to the rabbit. Mr. Nakano is heading to Paris for work, "The show of Mr. Kazuo Miyake.3DHe said that it was a job to shoot.

After that, I also talked to the extent that it was not annoying, and remember that I wanted to film a movie in the near future! Mr. Nakano seemed to be checking the image of shooting in his head by talking about the content of the movie and talking about the outline of the movie I wanted to shoot. (The movie was "Samurai Fiction") Air France airplane arrived at Dogor Airport, and after getting off the plane, I got goodbye to Nakano's business card. I felt instantaneously saying, "Peace delic! It's a cool company name." When you look at Nakano's activities from afar, is the theme in Nakano's center (in the middle of the heart) is "Peace"? I was vaguely thinking that I wanted to do a "piece" job someday. Have you meet Mr. Nakano 30Even though I was going to seek "Peace" for a year, my annoyance came ahead, and there were many things that did not work.2015Knowing organic in the year,2020Long -awaited yearGotsI got a certification, went directly to India, and had the opportunity to trade directly with Indian factories. I was able to manage organic products through such a detour. So, in deciding the brand name of this product, I thought about the naming5It was "Peace Sketch" by chance that the designer I knew was selected from the most candidates.

Although story changes 2018The word "Peace" is also used here, "Peace Nippon" announced by Mr. Nakano in the year. Impressive when I watched the movie "Peace Nippon"! Overwhelming beauty of Japan! The wonderfulness of words! The wonderfulness of music! Not just a recorded movie, "Peace" is "Put on music and words" ...

Do you have music on the video? Are you putting a video on the music? Anyway, I stick to the details and stick to words. Inspired by the images, they teach "natural innocence" and teach the hearts of the Japanese. It is a work that I felt like I was taken for Japan, which is live in the future, and I felt like I made something to make us who live now, and make them feel something. This work was a wonderful work that I felt like taking and editing Nakano's "Soul Collection" (exaggerated?). I myself, this work100I think it is a great work that will remain in the year.Movie "Peace Nippon"http://peacenippon.jp/

The meaning of "Peace" that Nakano teaches through the work without talking. I want to use the word "piece", and "I can't create a business that can use" piece "?" about30Year.

* In the meantime, there are various kinds of heart conflicts, and it is a human annoying circle of "running for profit" and "I want to sell a lot". I don't think it has changed so much.

This is another story, but I met one word and when I heard the story of one manager, I was shocked by me! I mean ... I fell into a beating feeling. The word is from Ninomiya Takanori, "The economy without morals is a deadly sin, and morality without economic economy is a sleeping word." I felt that it was right. "

And it was a story when I happened to meet my friend's father (president) by an airplane. I was able to ask the story about the establishment of the president's company, but at that time, the president had only a store in Kochi prefecture and wanted to open a store outside the prefecture, so on a highway. It was decided to open a store in Shikoku Chuo City in Kagawa Prefecture, which is the closest. At the time of opening the store, there was a store of a company in the same industry that has been a long -term business in Shikoku Chuo City, and the president seemed to have opened the store as follows and opened the store. What is the arrangement? ① Do not open a store along the same national highway. (2) Do not trade with the main business partners traded by local companies for one year. (The president does not handle products from major manufacturers handled by local companies) and seems to have opened a store. It was shocking when I heard that story. I have only the fact that it would be difficult if I opened and crushed it! It was an incredible story for me with only such values.

When I knew the words of Ninomiya Takanori, and heard the story of my friend's father, I was influenced by jiwajiwa, and my values ​​were very nice.

With the flow of the times like this. The words of Ninomiya Takanori, the story of a friend's father, the meaning of Nakano's "Peace". Various encounters have led me to change. I recently started thinking that I could make a "piece" business and a product.5 years ago, it wasGOTIt was an organic of authentication.

Cotton's business is very complicated. I have various problems. I can't do anything alone, but there are many companies and individuals that are confronting the problem around the world now. I hope I can cooperate as one of my friends.

People who live in Japan, towns, rivers, rivers, sea, mother, dad, grandpa, grandma. I hope that all the sketches drawn by children in the future are unconsciously "Peace", and I want to be "manufacturing" that can leave such a society. One of the great artists, Hiroyuki Nakano, just one accidental encounter, my heart has begun to move, and thanks to the story of various people, I changed to my current business format, and in organic. It became a chance to make things, and I wanted to use the word "peace" for the brand's naming, and my desire to "make such a business" has finally been shaped. That is the origin of the name "Peace Sketch".

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Finally ... I don't know Mr. Nakano. m (__) m He just saw me once and just longed for it.