Company Profile

Company name: Build Amp Group Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: 1-16-17 Minamiharimaya, Minami, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture 780-0833
Founded: 1948 (Showa 23)
Company establishment: March 1977 (Showa 52)
Capital: 15 million yen
CEO: Kojiro Kitamura
President: Hidehiko Kitamura
Major Trading Bank: Shikoku Bank Kiyabashi Branch
Financial month: The end of January every year (once)
Business content:Sales of original GOTS authentication organic cotton products 



Build Anf Groof Co., Ltd.


Showa 23 Year (1948 The year) "Kitamura Shoten" and he has a store in Kochi -shi Central Wholesale Market "Opened as a wholesaler of salt dried fish.

Showa 39 Year (1964 Founder Masami Kitamura The second generation Kojiro Kitamura inherited.

Showa 52 Year 3 Moon (1977 In addition to the doodles, a store for clothing miscellaneous goods is opened in Ohashi -dori, Kochi City. At the same time, it will be incorporated as Kitamura Sea Food Co., Ltd.

After that, "Nice Clap", "Hallwood Lunch Market" " 45R PM"Olive Deoleave", "Aznowaz", "Aba House" "Helm Trang" "MilkIn the city, including transactions with "Date", "Cultural shop general store", etc.12Store a store. Showa 58 Year (1983 Kochi Airport with Kochi Airport Jet 1 Open a shop for agricultural products and souvenirs "Agricultural Cooperative Direct Sales Store" on the floor.

Heisei 4 Year (1992 Year)SEGAWhen FCContract and open a game center. Heisei 5 Year ( 1993 Opened the first suburban general store "Messa".

Kojiro Kitamura, President and CEO, greatly extends the company.

Heisei 13 Year (2001 The company name is changed to Build Amplifier Corporation.

At the same time, Kojiro Kitamura will be the chairman of the Representative Director, and Hidehiko Kitamura will be appointed president.

In 2000, opened a store in Harajuku Laforet Annex "Foret".2002Opened a store in Harajuku Raforet Main Building in the year2006Opened a store in Ginza Matsuya.2008Lay from Laforet Harajuku and Ginza Matsuya. Since Hidehiko Kitamura has taken office (President and CEO)1988Than2021Until the year) The store is opened and closed, and the store is opened again.

2018 "Large steers to store out of stores"

2020 GotsAcquire authentication.

2021 IndiaGots Contract with a certified factory.

The last store closed in August of the same year.

2022GotsStart selling the authentication original brand "Peace Sketch".


"Like a fish tribe living in the deep sea, there is no light anywhere unless it burns."

From Akashi Kaito "Deep Sea".