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COLORED ORGANICS Short Sleeve Body Suit GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 100 %

COLORED ORGANICS Short Sleeve Body Suit GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 100 %

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◇ Colored organics

(It is an American organic brand. We imported directly)

◇ Item Baby Short SleeveTShirt, short -sleeved body, long -sleeved body.

◇ ColoringTShirt White Black2colour. Short sleeve / Long sleeve baby suit natural, blossom pink, dandelion yellow, tuscan master, Mediterranean deep blue, black 6 colors


Organic cotton is not only soft but also better products. For everyone related to you.

3More better

A better thing for cotton farmers.

Cotton farmers work in a safe environment that is not exposed to toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This extend their life and provides a reliable source and future for their families.


The better thing for the earth where we live

Organic cotton is naturally produced without harmful chemical treatment. By selecting natural farming, we can protect the environment and keep the water of the earth clean!


Good for everyone

Organic cotton is very soft, naturally low allergic and safe! There is no harsh processing like formaldehyde, perfect for children with sensitive skin.


Only certified organic cotton is used

Our clothing is a global organic textile standard that is a processing standard that leads to the world of textiles made from organic fiber.Gots) Is created using).GotsIt is the worst that you can get authentication70Only products containing % organic fibers. All accessories, dyes, and other inputs must meet specific environmental and poisonous standards.

Organic cotton is cultivated in a natural and sustainable way without using herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. These safe farming can help protect soil, save energy, and protect the health of people in the area where cotton is cultivated. Also, do not contain chemicals in cotton clothing.

◇ Fabric -Interlock (very soft, excellent breathability)

"Interlock" is a smooth, easy -to -handle and hard -to -shape fabric.

◇ That soft texture

◇ Smooth finish

◇ Interlock knitting is used for all kinds of clothes. Ideal for dresses, leggings, costumes, and baby underwear that fit your body.

It is more resistant to pills than other knits, and the structure is highly breathable, and it is less likely to drape or wrinkles.

Therefore, it is the most selected fabric for making many clothes for the convenience of washing and wearing.


◇ Hypoallergenic material.


◇ Explanation of interlock fabric


The interlock knit is a double knit fabric. The variation of the rib knit is similar to a jersey knit,

It is thick. In fact, the interlock knit was attached to the back match with the same thread2It's like a jersey knit.

As a result, it is much more stretchy than a jersey knit. Furthermore, since the thread is pulled out from the center to both sides,

Looks the same on both sides of the material. In addition to having the same appearance on both the front and back of the material, it is more elastic than a jersey knit.

It is thicker than jersey. Furthermore, it does not curl. Interlock knit is the most solid material among all knit fabrics.

Therefore, it has the best touch and the smoothest surface among all knits.


Made in India.

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