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Artist name: Yoshinobu Aikawa

Birthplace: Tokyo

Used in the 2009 Kokoro Health Festival image illustration. Used in the Komino Festival pamphlet three times. Selected 4 times in the Yansen Farm Calendar Contest. Selected 5 times in the art exhibition at the heart of the Tokyo Sosekyo. The Regional Activity Support Center Pionus Illustration is adopted. Exhibited every year at the Regional Activity Support Center Pao Exhibition. I want to represent my world, the smile of the fun people, and the face of many people. And I want to express the elegant figure of beautiful fish and butterflies. I want to draw a work that remains in my heart in many people. Beautiful abstract patterns, that fun and mysterious world.

About paralin art

We will print an original shirt by printing this work to the product you have chosen.

The printing part of the work will be the front part (around the chest).

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