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Cats hundred views

Cats hundred views


Artist name: Takumi Hoshi

Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture

I love painting since I was young, and since I have been to the painting classroom "Atelier Ichibanzaka" since I was 5 years old. Currently, I belong to a welfare facility and work for cleaning, but I also go to painting classes and libraries to draw.
I like drawing creatures while looking at the picture book, and I draw oil paintings in painting classes, library and home drawing colored pencil paintings and stories.

[Award -winning work]
2013 Study Exhibition Cat Ken View Special Encouragement Award
2014 Study Exhibition Fish Story High School Prize
2016 Study Exhibition WORLD General Division Excellence Award
2017 Study Exhibition Frog Party General Department Excellence Award
2018 Study Exhibition Sleep and Lizard General Division Award for General Division

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