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◆ Wholesale WHOLESALE.

● Why don't you make an original product at your company using a body made of gots authentication organic cotton?

It is proven that it is a product made of "GOTS authentication organic cotton" with our brand name and washing name.

Note) In order to erase our brand name, please do not apply or print the fabric from above.

● Put original embroidery in the body. Put a print. Please make your original product only for your company. Of course, over -the -counter sales and online sales are OK. Wholesale is also OK as a brand.

● We will sell only the body.

● I would like to ask your company for printing to the body.

● Wholesale is only for corporate companies.

(We have a corporate name and corporate number when trading)

● The minimum number of orders will be from 30 or more. It means more than 30 pieces including size and form. Example ・ Baby short sleeve body suit 3 pieces (12 pieces) each of the white 4 sizes. 3 pieces of light pink color (12 pieces) each. A total of 30 pieces (8 pieces) for 4 sizes (8 pieces). The minimum number of orders is now clear.

● The nationwide shipping cost will be borne by more than 30 pieces.

● Payment will be COD. (Shipping after payment confirmation)

◆ Inquiries

Please contact us by e -mail for details. to Kitamura in charge.


The image is an image.

This is an image when you use our product to give your original print.


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