collection: PEACE SKETCH Long Sleeve Body Suit GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 100 %

Baby Long sleeve body suit
◆ GOTS authentication organic cotton 100 %
◆ Because it is GOTS authentication, you can make "colored organic cotton".
◆ Gots certification is a global organic authentication.

◆ GOTS certification is first approved by a third party (once a year).
◆ GOTS authentication is given a certificate and license number only to approved companies and factories.
◆ GOTS certification license number "217998"

● Gots is one of the most reliable certifications. At least 70 % is made from the approved organic natural fiber, all textiles can only be handled by companies that have given GOTS authentication to the processing plant, manufacturing factories, packaging, labeling, sales and distribution. 。
Textiles need to meet specific environmental standards (toxicity, wastewater, etc.) and social standards according to international labor agencies.
What kind of product will it be certified?・ ・ ・ All textiles (clothing, bedding, towels, and fibers)
What are this label standard?・ ・ ・ International organization: Gots is an international standard that works in cooperation with organizations around the world.

● White natural light pink and black 4 colors
● Size ... All 4 sizes (hereinafter)
0-3m (newborn to 3 months). 3-6m (3 to 6 months).
6-12m (6 months to 12 months). 12-18m (12 months to 18 months)
● The fabric thickness 200gsm has a solid thickness. Not fluffy.
● Fabric -Interlock (very soft and excellent in ventilation)
"Interlock" is a smooth, easy -to -handle and hard -to -shape fabric.
● Its soft texture
● Smooth finish
● Interlock knitting is used for all kinds of clothes. Ideal for dresses, leggings, costumes, and baby underwear that fit your body.
It is more resistant to pills than other knits, and the structure is highly breathable, and it is less likely to drape or wrinkles.
Therefore, it is the most selected fabric for making many clothes for the convenience of washing and wearing.

● Hypoallergenic material.

● Explanation of interlock fabric

The interlock knit is a double knit fabric. The variation of the rib knit is similar to a jersey knit,
It is thick. In fact, an interlock knit is like two jerseys knit attached to the back match with the same thread.
As a result, it is much more stretchy than a jersey knit. Furthermore, since the thread is pulled out from the center to both sides,
Looks the same on both sides of the material. In addition to having the same appearance on both the front and back of the material, it is more elastic than a jersey knit.
It is thicker than jersey. Furthermore, it does not curl. Interlock knit is the most solid material among all knit fabrics.
Therefore, it has the best touch and the smoothest surface among all knits.

Made in India.
Design by Japan.
Fabric inspection implementation (with inspection table)
Mercury inspection implementation (with inspection table)
Biodegradable package specification. (D2W authentication)
YKK Snap button (Certification of Eco Tex Standard 100)

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