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Efforts that do not burden the earth even a little


All the plastic bags we use are biodegradable plastic bags.

India has already manufactured "biodegradable plastic bags" that are friendly to the natural environment, and are used by many apparel manufacturers in Europe and Australia. This biodegradable plastic bag is a plastic bag that deteriorates due to heat. We hope that a biodegradable plastic bag that dissolves in seawater will be developed as soon as possible.

Certificate of Testing from Symphony environmental.

This is the evidence of Symphony Enviramental Metal Test.

Tested product. L / 50-2) LDPE Clear Film with d2w 93224 oxo-degradable additive. L / 50 -2 LDPE clear film d2w 93224 Oxodegradable additive. ● Test conducted 1. Decomposition corrosion by fluorescent X-ray (XRF) spectroscopy. 2. FT-IR carbonyl optical density deterioration profile, accelerated deterioration: ① Thermal oxidation -Continuous accelerated UV and thermal degradation. (2) Lifetime stability-Promoting thermal degradation.

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It is a certificate of GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) that we have obtained.

It is often seen that clothes and textile products sold in Japan are sold with the words "organic cotton used" and "organic cotton products". The prices sold are also different. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Then, "What are the criteria for purchasing organic cotton products?" What is the proof of organic cotton products? I don't think GOTS certified is everything, but if there is a notation system that is a little easier for consumers, I think they can shop with peace of mind. I will think. .com / watch? v = EIcwLF5q1JA

Peace Sketch carries out product inspection of all fabrics.

We aim to ensure that our customers can use our products with peace of mind by disclosing the evidence for all products. Although not reported in Japan, there are still overseas factories that use "dye that affects the human body" to make products cheaply. Main test contents ・ What percentage of the product shrinks or expands vertically and horizontally when washed with water? ・ "Amino biferni", "benzine", "color fastness to water", "color fastness to sweat", etc. when washing with hot water at a water temperature of 50 degrees Are 28 kinds of dangerous dyes such as 4-chloro-O-toluidin and azo dyes used? Inspect for adhesion.





①No Poverty ②Zero Hunger ③Good Health & Well-Being ④Quality Education ⑤Gender Equality ⑥Clean Water & Sanitation ⑦Affordable & Clean Energy ⑧Decent Work & Economic Growth ⑨Industry , Innovation & Infrastructure ⑩Reduced Inequalities ⑪Sustainable Cities & Communities ⑫Responsible Consumption & Production ⑬Climate Action ⑭Life Below Water ⑮Life on Land ⑯Peace , Justice & Strong Institutions ⑰Partnership For the Goals.



GOTS certified organic product made for the first time by a small Japanese company

イニシャルロゴ 半袖リフレクタープリント Tシャツ(ブラック)


Initiatives for sustainability

Giorgio Armani has the following very clear idea: "I believe that environmental issues are deeply relevant to everyone. We cannot turn our eyes away from the fact that the future of the next generation depends on our choices, and it is sustainable. I believe that sexual issues should be addressed in a concrete way. "

Giorgio Armani

Do you know EP & amp; LEnvironmental Profit and Loss (EP & amp; L) Statement.? It refers to the "environmental income statement". The Kering Group has already begun its own efforts. This is a new initiative to achieve both conservation of natural resources and business development. "Responsibility for making products" The larger the company, the more diverse and large the supply chain from the partner companies that surround it. That alone will have a greater impact on the environment.

Kering group

Burbury will abolish plastic packaging by 2025, if used, limit it to reusable or disassembleable ones The company has already abolished the use of laminated paper bags and polyethylene clothing covers, and uses plastic. The amount has been reduced by 29 tons, and by the end of 2019, the hangers and plastic wrapping materials currently in use will be changed to environmentally friendly products, and a hanger collection program will be implemented to promote recycling.を促進するという。

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