Origin of the name of the Peace sketch.

About 27-8 years ago, it happened on an airplane heading to Paris for work. I brought in a few magazines and took a seat on the aisle side.

After taking off, when I was reading the magazine I brought in (Nikkei Trendy) while flipping through it, I noticed a certain page, and on the special page of Mr. Hiroyuki Nakano, a videographer (I have not shot a movie at that time) Nakano I was curiously reading the feature article on the spread, which was nominated for 6 categories at the MTV Awards on the PV of Hiroyuki's "Deee-Lite". At the top right of the special page, I was reading a magazine thinking that Mr. Nakano's face photo was "Huhhhhh! Mr. Nakano has such a face!"

Somehow I saw it somewhere ...? ?? Hate? Where did you see it ...! ?? While thinking "... what if ...", while slowly returning the body that was leaning forward to the backrest of the seat ... When I looked sideways at the next seat, the next person also read a magazine or something. You are ...! !! "Oh !! It looks like Hiroyuki Nakano !!" I looked back at the photos in the magazine and the person sitting next to me many times! I thought, "This person must be Mr. Nakano!", And suddenly I was desperately looking for something in my head. The first conversation I remember was saying something very rude, such as "The photo in this magazine is Mr. Nakano himself, right?" (I remember being so rude that I was able to deal with it without a disgusting face.) I was able to talk a little with Mr. Kado and Mr. Nakano. Mr. Nakano went to Paris for work and said that it was "a job to shoot Issey Miyake's show in 3D".

After that, I remember talking to him to the extent that it didn't bother me and saying, "I want to make a movie in the near future!" He talked about the content of the movie, and by talking to me, it seemed as if he was confirming the image of the filming in Mr. Nakano's head. (The movie was "Samurai Fiction") After the Air France plane arrived at De Gaulle Airport and got off the plane, I received Mr. Nakano's business card and said goodbye, but Mr. Nakano's company name was "Peace Derrick". The company name is "Peace Derrick! It's a cool company name" and it has such an impact that you can instantly remember it. To see Mr. Nakano's activities from a distance, is the theme at the center of Mr. Nakano (in the middle of his heart) "Peace"? I started thinking about it, and I vaguely thought that I would like to do a "peace" job. I met Mr. Nakano for almost 30 years, but I was troubled to ask for "Peace", and there were many things that did not go well, but I learned about organic in 2015 and obtained the long-sought GOTS certification in 2020. However, I had the opportunity to go directly to India and do business directly with a factory in India. I managed to make an organic product through such a detour. So, when deciding on the brand name for this product, it happened that a designer I knew chose "Peace Sketch" from the five naming candidates I had in mind.

To change the story, the word "Peace" is also used here in "Peace Nippon" announced by Mr. Nakano in 2018. Impressed when I saw the video of the movie "Peace Nippon"! Overwhelming beauty of Japan! The splendor of words! The greatness of music! It's not just a recorded movie, but "Peace" "on music and words" ...

Is music on the video? Or do you put video on music? Anyway, I am particular about the details and I am particular about the words. Sticking to the images, he teaches "natural impermanence" and teaches the Japanese mind. It feels like it was shot for Japan, which will live in the future, and it also feels like it was made to appeal to us living in the present and to make us feel something. This work was a wonderful work that made me feel like I was shooting and editing at the risk of Mr. Nakano's "Soul Summarization" (is it an exaggeration?). I personally think that this work is a great work that will remain even after 100 years. Movie "Peace Nippon" http://peacenippon.jp/

The meaning of "piece" that Mr. Nakano teaches through the work without talking. I wanted to use the word "piece", and "and can I make a business that can use" piece "?", But the word "piece" remains vaguely in the corner of my head ... about 30 years.

* During that time, there are various mental conflicts, and "running for profit" and "wanting to sell a lot easily" are all human troubles. I don't think it has changed that much even now.

When I came across one word and heard the story of one manager, I was shocked as if a thunder had fallen! I mean ... I fell into a feeling of being overwhelmed. The word is Sontoku Ninomiya's words, "Economy without morality is a mortal sin, and morality without economy is sleepiness." ... It's a word that I just wanted to make money, and I couldn't think of it. But ... it's correct, "and I thought I should aim for it.

And another story when I happened to be next to my friend's father (manager) by plane. I was able to hear from the question about the formation of the president's company, but at that time, the president had only a store in his hometown of Kochi prefecture and wanted to open a store outside the prefecture, so it was the best on the highway. It was decided to open a store in Shikokuchuo City, Kagawa Prefecture, which is nearby. When opening the store, there was a store of a company in the same industry that had been in business for a long time in Shikokuchuo City, and the president seemed to have made the following arrangements when opening the store. What is that arrangement? ① Do not open stores along the same national highway. (2) For one year, we will not do business with major business partners with whom local companies are trading. It seems that the store was opened after deciding that (the president's store does not handle products from that manufacturer). I was shocked when I heard that story. For me, the only thing I have in mind is that it would be difficult to open a store and collapse it, so whatever the store, choose a good location and have a head-to-head competition. It was an unbelievable story for me, who has only such values.

When I learned the words of Sontoku Ninomiya and heard the story of my friend's father, I was influenced by Jiwajiwa, and I felt that value was very nice and I came to think of myself.

With the passage of time like this. The words of Sontoku Ninomiya, the story of his friend's father, and the meaning of Mr. Nakano's "peace". Various encounters have led me to change. It was only four to five years ago that I began to think that I could make "peace" businesses and products, and that was GOT-certified organic.

The business of cotton is very complex. I have various problems. I can't do anything by myself, but there are many companies and individuals around the world who are facing the problem. I would like to cooperate as one of the companies.

People and towns living in Japan, mountains, rivers and the sea, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas. I hope that all the sketches drawn by the children who will bear the future are unknowingly "pieces", and I want to be "manufacturing" that can leave such a society. From a single chance encounter with one great artist, Hiroyuki Nakano, my heart started to move, changed to the current business format, and became an opportunity to make organic things, and the brand was named "Peace". I came to want to use words, and the desire to "create such a business" finally took shape. That is the origin of the name "Peace Sketch".


Finally ... I don't know Mr. Nakano. m (__) m He's only unilaterally longing for me when I met him once.

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