Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of answers for questions more than customers.

Regarding delivery

When will it arrive if I buy it today?

If you order by 12:00 on the day (12:00 noon), it will be shipped on the day. After 12 o'clock PM, we will ship the next day.

Please check from the following address for the number of delivery days. Please select "Kochi" in the "Where" column.

Search for days to deliver

Can the delivery company be specified?

Our shop has a contract with Sagawa Express only. We cannot choose customers. Please understand.

Is it possible to have the shipping company stop the sales office of the carrier?

Our shop does not accept the sales office stop.
Sorry to trouble you, but please ask the delivery company yourself.

Can I get a phone call before delivery?

Sorry to trouble you, but please ask the delivery company yourself.

Is it always shipped on the scheduled shipping date?

Normally, we ship your luggage from our shop on the scheduled shipping date of the notification by your order confirmation email. However, it may not be possible to ship as scheduled due to delays in production or delay in arrival due to traffic and weather. In that case, we will send you an email in advance and guide you again the scheduled shipping date.

The product does not arrive!

Please check the [Order Confirmation Email] sent from our shop again.
If you enter the number in the "Inquiry Inquiry Inquiry No." column in the copy of the invoice (slip) from "Examining the transportation status", the current luggage transport status instantly is instantaneously transported. I understand. Please enter from the following address.

"Check the transportation status"

About the absence of delivery

If you are absent, you will be posted an absence contact form, so please ask the courier to redeliver by the storage deadline. If you are not contacted within the deadline, you will be returned to us.
The storage deadline is [within one week from the shipping date].

If the product is returned due to long -term absence or refusal to receive after the product is shipped, we will charge the actual cost. Once returned, the luggage cannot be reissued.

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About return / cancellation

About cancellation after shipping, shipping fee for receipt, and commission requests

If you cancel or refuse to receive it after shipping the product, a round -trip shipping fee will be charged.

There is a shipping fee for free shipping products from our shop to the shipping company, so in this case, we will request a combination of round -trip shipping and commission.

Please be careful and pay.

Is it different from the image, can I cancel if I don't need it?

We do not accept cancellations or changes after the order is completed.

After the order is completed, the preparation for shipping will start automatically, so we cannot accept changes and cancellations of your order.

Even if you fill in the remarks column (comment section) at the time of purchase, you can not accept it.

Can I add the products I ordered just before and the products I want to order later?

After the order is completed, we have started preparing for shipping in the shortest time, so we do not accept bundled after the order is completed in principle. If you wish to ship the bundled, please make an order with the same shopping basket.

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About the product

I can't buy it now, but can I really reserve what I want?

We do not provide reserved services. I'm sorry.

I want to make it a gift, is it possible to wrap it?

We accept wrapping and bonito for a fee.

About payment

Can I pay a convenience store?

I'm sorry.
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