Regarding the price of goods and the shipping of goods.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

All products will be shipped by "Yu-Packet". * In addition, when the quantity of orders increases, the amount of money required for shipping is "when it is cheaper to ship several pieces by Yu packet" and "when it is cheaper to ship in one piece". We will select and send either one. Please note that at this time, the customer cannot choose the sending method. (If you ship from Kochi prefecture to Hokkaido, it costs 1400 yen for 80 cm size. If your order is within the range of Yu packet, you can send it for 250 yen nationwide, so you do not have to bear the shipping fee to the customer. I will sell it.

We will only bear the shipping cost for sending the item to the customer who placed the order. For returns and other information, see "Cancellation / Return / Refund".

The displayed price of the product includes 10% consumption tax. Consumption tax will not be added at the time of payment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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