Collection: PEACE SKETCH Short sleeve baby bodysuit


GOTS CertifiedIn-house acquisition certification available有り)

  • 100%Organic cotton。

  • White Natural Light Pink Blackック FourColor development

  • GOTSBecause it's authentication「You can make colored organic cottonる。(Usually only natural colors)

  • Metsuke of fabric-200GSM 

    ・Knitted fabricThe interlock is very soft and has excellent breathability.ます)

  • 「Interlock is a keyword that experienced tailors seek when looking for fabrics that are smooth, easy to handle and do not lose their shape. Interlock is the most well-known feature of applications.用途の特徴。

  • Its soft texture

  • Smooth finish

  • Interlock knits are used in all kinds of garments Body-fitting dresses Leggings costumes Great for baby underwear More resistant to pills than other knits and their construction makes them more breathable and less prone to drapes and wrinkles It is the fabric of choice when making many garments for the convenience of washing and wearing.肢となる生地です。

  • Made in INDIA.

  • Design by Japan.(In-house original)

  • There is a fabric inspection implementation inspection tableり)

  • Meter reading inspection implementation inspection table availableり)

     ・Biodegradable package specifications。(d2WAuthentication)

     ・YKKSnap button(Ecotex Standard100Obtained certification


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