About cancellation, return, refund of ordering.

About cancellation, return, refund of ordering.


A case where you cannot accept returns and refunds.

・ If there is no contact from the inquiry form in advance

  • Products that have been repaired

  • Used products

  • Washed products

  • Products that do not have accessories such as tags, packages, or damaged products

  • Purchase date (order dateIncoming)from8Products that have passed the day

  • Scratches under the customer, Adhesion of odorOr products that have been damaged or stained

  • The product (including boxes and accessories) returned to us, which is very different from the time of delivery.

  • Products purchased for resale (including when we determine that it is a resale purpose)

  • If excessive returns and exchanges are repeated

  • Piece sketchOnline StoreProducts purchased other than

  • With the same product number5If you are requested to return or exchange for more than points

  • Total order number5If you are requested to return or exchange for more than points


In the case of defective products
In the unlikely event that a defective product arrives, we will accept returns or replacement correspondence.
Sorry to trouble you, but from the date of arrival of the product [7Within the day]Inquiry formMore [Order number][Name full name]Please let us know [Product name].

In the case of defective products, please write the details of the defective part.

If possible, if you can contact us after attaching the photo (painting monk) data of the product problem area, you can answer it more quickly.
Sales, missing products, inconvenience of products, and other issues may not be available due to other issues. In that case, please understand that we will respond by refund.


There is no designation for the delivery company at the time of return.
Please be sure to send it by a delivery method that can be tracked (a method that remains at hand).
In the case of mail, please use Yu -Pack Letter Pack.


There is no problem with the packing box when returning the goods other than the box at the time of delivery.
We are not responsible for accidents and troubles such as damage or loss during return, so please choose as simple and safe packing as possible.


Available period

After the product arrives7If you contact us within the day

Returning postage
Store burden

Resembling fee
Store burden

customerConvenientExchange / return

When the product arrives
We cannot exchange for another size, color, or other products due to customer's convenience.

Please be understanding.
If you wish to returnInquiry formPlease let us know [name full name] [order number] [product name].

The shipping fee for re -ordering will be borne by the customer.
Our companyWe do not refund the shipping cost when delivering to customers.
If you do not accept returns, we will not be able to accept returns, so please understand.

About refund
After confirming the arrival of returned goods3We will transfer to the designated account within the business day.