Short sleeve body suit

Gots CertifiedGet in -house. (Certified)

  • 100% Organic cotton.

  • White Natural Light Pink Black4Color development

  • GotsBecause it's authenticationYou can make "colored organic cotton".(Usually only natural colors)

  • Fabric eyes-200GSM 

    ・ HenInterlock (very soft and excellent in ventilation)

  • "Interlock" is a keyword that experienced tailors want when searching for a smooth, easy -to -handle, and hard -to -shaped fabric. Interlock is the most well known purpose of use.

  • Its soft texture

  • Smooth finish

  • Interlock knitting is used for all kinds of clothes. Ideal for dresses, leggings, costumes, and baby underwear that fit your body. It is more resistant to pills than other knits, has a higher breathability due to its structure, is less likely to drape or wrinkled, and is a major option when making many clothes aimed at washing and wearing. It is a fabric.

  • Made in India.

  • Design by Japan. (In -house original)

  • Fabric inspection implementation (with inspection table)

  • Mercury inspection implementation (with inspection table)

・ Biodegradable package specification. (D2Wcertification)

     ・YKKSnap button(Eco Tech Sstandard100Acquired certification

     ・ A site where you can see the difference between single jersey and interlock knitting.

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