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Men'sMannequin size (image)
bust94cmWaist76cm82cmHip94cmShoulder width44cm
 Gots CertifiedGet in -house. (Certified)
  • 100% Organic cotton.

  • GotsWhite that can be done because it is certifiedTshirt. (Usually only natural colors)

  • Fabric eyes-193GSM 6.8Ons. It is generally not transparent with thickness.

  • Conversion to ons193GSM x 0.0352746.8Ounce

    -materialSingle jersey.

  • Made in India.

  • Design by Japan. (Completely original)

  • Fabric inspection implementation (with inspection table)

  • Mercury inspection implementation (with inspection table)

  • Biodegradable package specification. (D2WWith authentication)

  • Size Range-S. M. L

  • Men'sL size is a general Japanese T -shirtXLIt is about the size.

  • Men's MThe size is common in JapanTShirtLIt is about the size.

  • Men's SThe size is common in JapanTShirtSMore than sizeIt is quite small.

    mensTshirtSSize and womenTshirtLThe size will be close to the size.

  • The shoulders are slightly thinner, the cuffs are narrow, so that the side hair on the side is as invisible as possible.

  • It is flat so that the ribs of the collar do not have a presence and fits into the body.

  • The width of the body is made slightly.

  • The height is not long or short. 

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Ethical manufacturing (Ethical)

  • Traceabilei

  • Example) Height172cmWeight70Chest98cmWaist86cmThe manMThere is plenty of room when wearing the size. It is not Pita Pita.LsizeWhen worn, there is a lot of room overall.If you want to wear it biggerLI recommend the size.

  • CuffsS-15cm M-15.5cm L-16.5cm (There is an image)

  • Sleeve LengthS-18cm M-20.5cm L-23.5cm

[State of sustainability and Ethical fashion]
Men'sMannequin size (image)
bust94cmWaist76cm82cmHip94cmShoulder width44cm
mensMSize torso.

Single jerseyCharacteristics of fabric
When you process a single jersey fabric, you can easily see that one side of the fabric is smoother than other aspects. The material is soft and light, and it is very easy to drape. Single jersey fabric also has excellent breathability.

Use of single jersey fabric
Single jersey fabric is sportsTOften used for shirts and leggings.
This is because the material is very breathable and sweat cannot be trapped between clothes. Another normalTIt is a popular option for shirts.

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