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GotsAuthentication organic cotton100

BODY SUIT-The natural color Tuscany color Dandelion color Blossom Color Mediterranean color black color6colour.

Baby Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt- White color black color2colour.

Comfortable with our favorite classic short -sleeved body suit.100It is made of % organic cotton, has a very soft touch and is built with a wrap neck design, so it is possible to change diapers with simple and tough clothes.

Soft and breathable organic cotton100% Interlock fabric

Interlock fabric is a variation with a rib braid structure. It resembles a jersey knit, except that both the front and back of the fabric look the same. The double knit structure makes it a thick knit fabric. Interlock is the tightest knit, providing smooth surface and best touch. The fabric is very soft and firmly absorbed.

Use:High -gradeTShirt, tank top, camisole, bridal wear, baby underwear, etc.

  • Nickel -free snap

  • Environmentally friendlyAzo /Aqueous dye that does not contain heavy metals. Ethical manufacturing

  • Hypoallergenic material

  • GotsCertification

  • It is a product imported directly from the United States.